Blood of the Werewolf now available on Xbox Live

The horror-themed indie platformer has torn into Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 and is available now.

We reviewed the PC version of Blood of the Werewolf a while back and had a great time with the old school sensibilities of this unabashedly tough and brutal platformer. This is also a pretty mature themed game with lots of adult themes and more than a fair amount of blood and gore, for that alone it’s well worth a look.

This new version of the game from Midnight City and developer Scientifically Proven isn’t exactly the same game that you may have played before though. Added for the translation to the Xbox 360 is a pair of new modes that are sure to test your platforming skills and temperament.

  • Endless Challenge Mode is a series of procedurally generated challenge rooms that put player skills to the test, without the benefit of memorization. Each room offers new traps and configurations meaning no two runs are ever the same.
  • Score Rush mode drives players to take on all ten levels (and five boss battles) to get the highest score and compete against friends for bragging rights.
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On top of all that, the base game offers 10 levels of play with five ‘boss battle arenas’ to fight through. Also pretty awesome, as a ‘thank you’ to the PC-gaming audience that bought into the game when it first debuted (or any time really), Scientifically Proven is releasing all the console content as an add-on- and free of charge.

Blood of the Werewolf is available right now on the Xbox 360 and PC.

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