Bloodshot #12 (comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

It’s always a good time for revenge. Well, if you’re Bloodshot anyway.

It’s payback time! After Dr. Emanuel Kuretich freed Bloodshot from Project Rising Spirit, he promised that the answers to Bloodshot’s identity would be found inside PRS’ secret Nevada facility. He lied. Instead, Bloodshot discovered two dozen super-powered psiot children – children that Kuretich then manipulated him into setting free. Now that the kids are out and have ignited the Harbinger Wars on the Vegas strip, Bloodshot is all that stands between them and the opposing forces of Toyo Harada and Peter Stanchek. But Bloodshot hasn’t forgotten about Kuretich. And he’s about to reap his revenge.

Being on the wrong end of Bloodshot’s gun is never a good place to hang out, but it’s especially dangerous as of late. The unkillable merc has been in the middle of one big action spectacle after another and there won’t be any stopping him once he gets his hands on one of the men responsible- his ‘liberator’ Kuretich.

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Issue #13 also has that ultra-cool ‘8-bit’ variant cover by Matthew Waite, so don’t miss that one if you’re a classic game fan. Both the regular and the variant editions of Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot will be on store shelves on June 19th, along with Harbinger #13. That’s a book you don’t want to miss out on right there as it features a knock down drag out between Bloodshot, the Renegades and Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation.

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