Bloodshot Reborn #12 goes deep into the wasteland

Bloodshot Reborn #12 goes deep into the wasteland

Bloodshot’s world is fire… and blood.

Motivated by the latest in a never-ending barrage of tragedies, Bloodshot is teaming with his old friend and ally, Ninjak, to take down the marauding bands of Shadowmen that roam the landscape and the deadly X-O Manowar armor-drones that fly high above it. But Bloodshot is not the technologically advanced warrior he once was… Can he overcome the onslaught of the future’s bleeding-edge “goo-tech” defenses? And just who is the Man in the White Tower…and how he is responsible for this extraordinarily dangerous world of tomorrow?

Bloodshot Reborn’s interesting trip through the near future of the Valiant Universe continues here in issue 12, part 3 of The Analog Man. It’s three decades in the future, 2046 to be exact and Bloodshot is crashing headlong into the wastes of Los Angeles.

This issue sees Ninjak joining Bloodshot in the hunt of course, so there’s a lot of future-Valiant represented here. Between the two heroes and the X-O drones and Shadowmen, there’s lots to like too.

Brought to you by Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosaBloodshot Reborn #12 lands in retail shops and online digital distribution platforms on April 20th. Before that though, don’t forget to pick up issue 11 on the 24th of this month, and the 64 page Annual on March 23rd.

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