Bloodshot Salvation #1 (Comics) Preview

Bloodshot Salvation #1 (Comics) Preview

Valiant Comics’ most violent hero returns for another ongoing series. Has family life slowed Bloodshot down any? Honestly? Probably not.

Bloodshot Salvation

Below you’ll find a teaser for Valiant’s Bloodshot Salvation. You’ll probably notice that there are no word bubbles to be found, and no narrative either. That’s because much of what Salvation is, is still under wraps. So, you know, secrets and all that.

What we can glean though, is that Ray now has a family. Also, he can apparently turn ‘Bloodshot’ on and off at will (which is pretty awesome), and his daughter looks to have inherited his nanites.

If you’re lost on that, Bloodshot is basically a living weapon. He’s a man sure, but he’s got millions of tiny robots in his blood that repair him on the fly, and give him super-powers. It’s all pretty freaking cool.

In Salvation, we’ll be seeing a lot more of that, as well as what appears to be a little “Logan”-type action. We’ll also be seeing a few new nanite-powered characters. Scroll on down to have a look at the tease/preview of the first issue. The art look amazing as usual, and Bloodshot looks freaking cool… also as usual.

Watch for Bloodshot Salvation #1 on the stands from Valiant this September.

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