Bloody Ties — Crystal locations and Treasure Hunt guide

Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties Treasure Hunt Tryout Crystals Guide Madmen From Villedor

Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties Treasure Hunt Tryout Crystals Guide Madmen From Villedor

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After chasing Ciro and obtaining the password, you’re told of a brutal spectacle happening in Carnage Hall. But, before you can go there, you’ll need to pass the trials, one of which has you gathering a bunch of items in a Dark Zone. Here’s our Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties guide to help you find all the Treasure Hunt Tryout Crystals as part of the Madmen From Villedor quest.

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Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties guide – Treasure Hunt Crystals guide (Madmen From Villedor)

The Madmen From Villedor quest in Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties has three initial objectives which are seen on your map. Upon arriving at those areas, you’ll notice an arena poster, as well as a walkie-talkie that you can interact with.

Your goal is to complete the challenges within the time limit. While it’s possible to get a high score (i.e., gold), you’ll only need the bronze score, at the very least, to pass.

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Two of these trials are fairly straightforward:

  • Like the Wind – This is a parkour and sprinting challenge where you need to pass through all the checkpoints.
  • Between Two Fires – You’re given a crossbow that causes enemies to explode in a gooey mess. Kill enough enemies to complete the task.
  • Whenever you complete a challenge, you can visit a marked location to have a few drinks with Ciro. This is purely optional.

However, one particular objective might cause headaches. This is the Treasure Hunt challenge in Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties‘ Madmen From Villedor quest, and it requires you to collect 10 Tryout Crystals in a zombie-infested building. You can’t use any of your regular weapons here. Instead, you’ll temporarily gain access to a pistol that blasts foes akin to a shotgun.

In any case, we list down where you’ll find the required items in the area:

  • #1 – In a small room at the start of the challenge, just before you go through the crawlspace.
  • #2 – On a sofa to your left once you pass through the crawlspace.
  • #3 – Inside a basin in the next room.
  • #4 – Immediately past that section, you’ll see a Boomer. The Tryout Crystal is on the windowsill.
  • #5 – Try to jump and reach the ruined section of the top floor to get this Crystal.
  • #6 – On a sofa on the second floor.
  • #7 – Go around the second-floor hallway to find a collapsed part. The object is right below.
  • #8 – Next to the ruins on the ground floor in the center of the area.
  • #9 – Inside the refrigerator.
  • #10 – In the small room with the bicycle.

After completing all the challenges in Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties‘ Madmen From Villedor mission, return to the Quarry End bar and talk to Ogar, Ciro’s dad. Ciro went off to Downtown for the final trial (the location will be marked on your map). Ride the lift to reach the rooftop, whereupon you’ll see a zipline.

Note: For some odd reason, Aiden automatically falls before reaching the opposite building. I would suggest acquiring the Paraglider first by finishing A Place to Call Home, a main story mission. You can let Aiden die, whereupon he’ll respawn from a higher vantage point (if you’ve tagged it already). This will let you glide to the rooftop.

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After talking to Ciro, the last trial will commence. This time, you’ll have to survive wave after wave of infected for five minutes.

Try to climb any of the objects/platforms here, and whack any hostiles that come near you.

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When that’s done, glide to the other building where Ciro was, and inspect the marked area to find his fedora. Activate your Survivor Sense by pressing the “Q” key and follow the blood trails.

You’ll end up on a landing down below, where Ogar tells you that the mercenary was sent by Astrid, the head honcho of Carnage Hall.

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Yet another marked location will appear on your map, this time in Lower Dam Ayre. Enter the building and talk to the NPCs. Once you get in the van, you’ll be taken to Carnage Hall.

It’s time to try the DLC’s arena combat system and mechanics.

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