Book and movie series World War Z making the jump to games

The Walking Dead isn’t the only zombie-powered mega-franchise to get a four player co-op game. Today, Saber Interactive finally showed off their previously announced title, World War Z.

A world of zombies

Not to shabby there, Saber. As you can tell, the game is loaded with action, and plenty of hardware. Whereas most other zombie survival titles these days seem to be limiting firearms, it certainly seems as tough World War Z will be embracing them. Then again, that might be a necessity, since the WWZ universe does tend to throw armies of the undead around.

As you might have also been able to tell, you’ll have to rely on a lot more than handheld weapons to survive. WWZ will offer traps, emplaced guns, and environmental hazards as well. And you’ll have to make use of all of the above, if you want to survive the horde.

Of course, you’ll get to have three of your buddies along for the ride. Remember that this is a four player co-op title. And your chosen quartet won’t be limited to just Moscow (seen in the trailer) either. You will be able to fight in multiple cities around the world, including movie hotspots Jerusalem and New York.

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Currently in development for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC, there’s no release date just yet for World War Z. We’ll have more for you though, as it’s announced.

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