Boot Hill Bounties brings the old west to JRPGs

Looking for some old west action? Like JRPGs? Then you’ll want to take a look at Boot Hill Bounties, from Experimental Gamer Studios.

Saddle up

Well isn’t this interesting. Popping up from its predecessor’s successful Kickstarter campaign (Boot Hill Heroes) is Boot Hill Bounties. It’s sounding pretty interesting too. The game brings together the themes of Red Dead Redemption, and the style and gameplay of a JRPG.

“Boot Hill Bounties is a return to the glory days of detailed SNES RPGs like Final Fantasy, Earthbound, and Chrono Trigger,” says David Welch, the indie developer behind Boot Hill Bounties, “but we’ve made key updates to make the genre feel fresher and exciting. With Boot Hill Bounties, we’ve reimagined the classic JRPG genre by combining the elements we love with things we always wanted to see. For example, we always wanted to experience more RPG adventures with our friends, so we included the ability for up to four players to hop in at any time for local co-op.”

David Welch, the indie developer behind Boot Hill Bounties

That’s right, co-op. Bounties offers quite a bit, including four-player, local co-operative play. A standalone game, Bounties also has exploration elements, towns to visit, and battles against both criminals and wild animals. Gamers can also expect power-ups, weapon mods, and side quests to play through. It’s all on the way to stopping the dangerous Saints-Little Gang.

Already available on the PC, EGS has announced that it’ll be landing on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, April 14th.

“Releasing Boot Hill Bounties onto the Nintendo Switch onto the Nintendo Switch not only gives players the opportunity to experience an adventure reminiscent of the retro classics of old, but now they can share this experience with friends because the game supports up to four players in its local co-op.”

David Welch

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