Breach & Clear goes undead for PC release

Developer Gambitious and Devolver Digital have a PC release in store for fans of the iOS tactical shooter Breach & Clear that’s got a decidedly more rotten vibe.

‘Hope dying’ just sounds ever-so cheerful doesn’t it? I dig that piano though, and the story behind it is almost as chilling as the one in the new entry in the Breach & Clear franchise.

Not quite the same game as the mobile version in more than just gameplay, Breach & Clear: DEADline on the PC will have gamers blasting zombies by the horde. Co-published by Gambitious and Deveolver Digital, this one sets aside the slower paced strategy of the iOS release for a more in your face action-oriented approach.

The footage shown above is actually pre-alpha and is part of what was shown off at Gamescom not too long ago. And while it definitely is pretty early for the game, you can actually expect to see it appear on PCs sooner rather than later thanks to Steam’s Early Access program.

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Expect to see it on the PC this Fall, which is right around the corner.

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