Bring in the clones with the new Styx: Master of Shadows trailer

One of the goblin Styx’ strange, Amber-powered abilities is cloning himself. That’s an ability that can come in very handy when finding oneself alone in a tower of humans, elves, and various monsters.

Needless to say, there are a ton of ways to dispatch your foes in Styx that don’t necessarily involve direct confrontation. A good thing indeed considering you play as a lil’ goblin in the stealthy action title. Cloning yourself is one of the abilities granted Styx as he taps into the mystical Amber, the substance he’s in the dangerous tower for in the first place, and something that flows through his diminutive green frame.

Having more avenues of attack  is never a bad thing in any game, but in a title like Styx it’s all that much cooler to know that you’ll have a whole mess of possible ways to advance towards that eventual Amber-prize.

Look for Styx: Master of Shadows from developer Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC this October.

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