British super-team Excalibur returns in X-Men Gold Annual #1

The original lineup of the British superhero squad known as Excalibur is back in X-Men Gold Annual #1.


Every Marvel fan should remember Britain’s number one super-team. Around since 1987 (in their own book), Excalibur was a mainstay and featured a few pretty big mutant characters. Taken from the X-Men, Kitty Pride and Nightcrawler were official members.

They served under Captain Britain, and alongside the likes of Rachel Summers. As with the X-Men, Excalibur rotated team members in and out. Unlike the X-Men, the team’s solo book didn’t endure.

Publication of the lengthiest run ended in 1998, with a few very short volumes coming after that. And that’s been it, till now.

“Since the launch of ResurrXtion, fans have been wondering when the classic Excalibur team would come together again,” said series editor Chris Robinson. “With this Annual, Marc, Leah, and Alitha have painstakingly put together a love letter to them and the classic series we’re all still talking about!”

Of course, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a solo comic, or even a miniseries. It’s a one-shot appearance in the X-Men Gold Annual. Well, for now anyway. With Marvel riding nostalgia train though, that could always change.

Watch for the book to hit stores and digital download this January.

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