Brody’s Ghost Book 1 (Graphic Novel) Review

Brody’s Ghost Book 1 introduces the reader to the world of ghosts in a fun, comedic, and adventurous way.

Definition of a Ghost Seer- A person that can interact with and see ghosts.

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!

Six months after being dumped by his ex-girlfriend Nicole, Brody has lost his will to move on with his life and make something out of himself. One day he meets Talia, a ghost who informs Brody that he is a ghost seer. In order for Talia to move on to the afterlife, she must perform a good deed with Brody’s help.

Meeting Talia

The good deed that Talia chooses to perform is solving a huge murder mystery, and putting the dangerous killer behind bars.

To develop his psychic abilities as a ghost seer Brody must go through intensive training under the watchful eye of Kagemura, an old samurai ghost who agrees to give Brody one test after being persuaded by Talia.

Will this be the adventure that Brody needs to reclaim his life?

Biker Gang

Mark Crilley’s use of comedy seamlessly creates a dynamic between the reader and storyteller, that is engaging and entertaining.  The main characters and supporting cast each have their own distinct personalities, that not only shows throughout the script but also through the detailed black and white manga style artwork.

At the end of the book readers are treated to a few pages of character sketches with commentary by Mark Crilley, that explain some of his earlier ideas for the characters. This of course adds a nice personal touch to the book.

Final Thoughts:

Brody’s Ghost Book 1 is a charming action-packed graphic novel, and provides readers with plenty of entertainment. Who knows? You may even want to read it twice!



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