Bungie announces Destiny beta news and clears up some rumors

Some of the biggest questions about Destiny get answered in this week’s Bungie update along with some iterating news about the beta, a collector’s edition, and more.

So this is one heaping helping of Bungie/Destiny goodness. By now you might have heard that the developer made light of the badder than bad voiceover work by Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, but they did a lot more than that in this update that applies to many of the more burning questions about the game.

Namely, that $500 million cost of development? Yeah, that’s not exactly accurate. Bungie COO Pete Parsons clears up the rumored mega-budget for the game (surprise, it wasn’t half a billion), reveals the achievements and trophies for the game, talks about the collector’s edition and that Teen rating, and plenty more.

If you have a query or two about Bungie and Activision’s oncoming behemoth, this is probably the update to read.

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