C64 Mini arrives today, delivers 64 games in a half scale replica console

The C64 Mini is finally here. Loaded with nostalgia, the lil’ console sports some modern niceties as well, and a roster of 64 games.

Getting mini

It’s kind of hard to not like this new trend of ‘mini’ consoles. Not only do you get a cool looking little replica of a classic, but you also get a bunch of games to sift through. There’s no Nintendo-branded mini coming up this Holiday, but we do have a few others filling in that blank. The C64 Mini is one of those, and it’s a pretty sharp looking piece.

The Mini includes:

  • Pre-loaded with all the Retro Faves: THEC64® Mini comes with 64 classic titles already installed, including: California Games, Winter Games, Impossible Mission II, Boulder Dash, Jumpman, Pitstop II, Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, Street Sports Baseball, Summer Games II, Temple of Apshai Trilogy, Uridium and more.
  • USB Ports: The unit comes equipped with two USB ports – perfect for adding an extra joystick for multiplayer games or plugging in a keyboard to create your own programming masterpieces.
  • Customized Visuals: The unit features high definition output at 720p and 60Hz via HDMI, 4:3 ratio, US/Europe display mode options, and a CRT filter for that classic look.
  • Back to the Basics: Plug in a USB keyboard and use as a fully functional home computer with C64 BASIC.
  • Don’t Forget to Save: For the first time, THEC64® Mini allows you to easily save your progress in games.
  • Always Optimized: THEC64® Mini supports software updates via USB flash drive so players have continued access to improved and enhanced programming.
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You can get one starting today at GameStop, Wal Mart, Amazon, and Costco for $79.99 USD.

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