Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 private “Blackout” beta dated, coming next month

Didn’t get enough of an early taste of Black Ops 4 during the beta? Well, there’s another one. The Blackout beta is coming very soon.

Ready for action

Yes, it’s Blackout time. Well, almost. It will be on September 10th. That’s when fans of the long-running Activision series will get their first look at the game’s version of a Battle Royale. That’s right, Call of Duty is getting a PUBG/Fortnight style multiplayer mode.

The mode will feature the biggest map ever made for CoD multiplayer. It’s so massive that it’ll actually showcase areas made to resemble some parts of the most iconic CoD maps. Not only that, but it’ll also be bringing some elements of past games back, like fan favorite characters and weaponry.

Black Ops 4 is all multiplayer, with no campaign to play through, so it kind of has to have as much content as possible. This new mode should make some fans looking for as much as possible pretty happy. Remember though, this beta is a private one, so not everyone can play.

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You’ll have to have the game pre-ordered in some form in order to get an invite. The good news of course, is that you have plenty of time before September 10th to get that deed done. So Ilf you do have your heart set on the Blackout beta, well you better make sure you get that pre-order in.

As for the full game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hits consoles and the PC on October 12th.

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