Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to get haunted

Activision tweeted out a very brief tease of a new character in Modern Warfare this week. Ghost is on the way to haunt the newest Call of Duty.


There’s a Ghost in that game. No, not the ghost you’re probably thinking of, that’s another series. This Ghost is a character in the Call of Duty universe, who was a favorite way back in Modern Warfare 2.

You might recall that cool skull-patterned balaclava that the British soldier wore. You also might recall that he’s dead. Or at least, it sure appeared that way. So how is he back in action in the soft-reboot of the Modern Warfare series?

Well, it could be because Ghost is set to return as a multiplayer character in an update scheduled for February 11th. There isn’t a whole lot of info other than the teaser embedded above, so that’s about all that we can guess at for now.

But it would be kind of cool if Ghost returned for “real” in the next game in the series. It’d be unexpected too, since his death was pretty definitive, but this is video game-land remember. Anything is possible.

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