Capcom ransomware attack worse than initially thought

Capcom ransomware attack worse than initially thought

Back in November, it was reported that Capcom was the victim of a ransomware attack that affected customer details. As far as we knew, there were potentially 350,000 people whose data could have been compromised. Nine former and current Capcom employees were confirmed to have had their information compromised. Unfortunately, the studio has announced that the situation is worse than initially thought. The Capcom hack could now be potentially affecting close to 390,000 people.

The attackers operated under the moniker of Ragnar Locker. The attack yielded information about Capcom’s upcoming games. The likes of Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise had details leaked as part of the attack.

While this information would have come out sooner or later, it is the personal data that is more important.

Initial findings narrowed affected individuals to the nine, but that was just the beginning. The studio has since been able to verify an additional 16,406 compromised individuals. As a whole, the maximum number of people affected by the Capcom hack could be as high as 390,000. That is a massive leak for sure.

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Restricted effects

Capcom has reiterated that the leak has only affected business partners as well as former and current staff. The game servers and payment systems remain unaffected by the hack. The Japanese company also stated that online transactions were handled by third-party service providers. Capcom also does not store the information. Players can breathe a small sigh of relief.

Capcom Hack Worse Than Initially Thought, 390,000 Could Be At Risk (1)

However, the integrity of the company’s information and security remains in question. Capcom is still working with authorities and strengthening their defenses as part of the process. Needless to say, this has certainly affected the company’s image, even if customer data has not been compromised by the Capcom hack.

While it is probably still safe to buy content for Capcom games, it will be wise to be more careful with what information you share with the company during this time.

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