Capcom releases another trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV

The newest version of Street Fighter 4, Ultra Street Fighter 4 won’t be out until 2014; but to wet your appetite Capcom is releasing another trailer for the much anticipated title.

The trailer  begins by showing off some highlights of the Street Fighter IV anniversary tournament of 2012. Shortly after, we’re given a glimpse into the gameplay of USFIV, and some new fighters join the fray as well. Poison, Hugo, Rolento, and Elena all appear, and are seen fighting various characters in the game. It’s nice to see Street Fighter III get some love, as well as having Rolento from the Street Fighter Alpha series.

This will be the third iteration of Street Fighter IV since its debut in July 2008. It was revealed at Evolution Championship Series 2013 on July 14th. Ultra Street Fighter IV will be adding more than just new characters however. This version of SFIV boasts quite a lot of new goodies, including new stages, modes, and some tweaks to the gameplay. Capcom also plans on offering a pre-order bonus with the purchase of USFIV, which includes new costumes for fighters.

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USFIV will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Arcade in 2014. It will be available as DLC and retail.

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