Captain America: Steve Rogers #7 (Comics) Preview

Captain America: Steve Rogers #7 (Comics) Preview

Hydra is snaking its way through the Marvel U, and Captain America is quite please with that.

The controversial storyline rolls on

The next chapter in the sensational saga of Captain America begins here! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #7 – the first installment in the next exciting story arc “Hail Hydra”! Blockbuster creators Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz re-unite once more as Hydra’s tentacles slowly tighten around the Marvel Universe! Civil War II may have ended, but Steve Rogers and his machinations are just beginning! S.H.I.E.L.D is coming apart at the seams as the Red Skull marches across Europe, with an army at his back. Steve Rogers can only smile – everything is going according to plan. Be there for the start of a new jumping on point as Hydra comes to Marvel NOW! in CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #7 – on-sale November 9th!

Captain Hydra

I said this is a ‘controversial storyline’, but honestly, it was a bit more than that. When Hail Hydra started, and Cap was shown to have been a turncoat, there was downright rage from fans. Of course, he’s not actually a traitor.

Revealed shortly after the start, Cap has actually been manipulated thanks to the living Cosmic Cube that’s running around the Marvel U. A living Cube by the way, that loves Red Skull and wants to do anything to make him and Hydra happy. Hence making the Sentinel of Liberty into a Hydra sleeper.

Here in Cap #7, we see things picking up, which probably means that were getting closer to the moment that Cap is going to actually realize what’s happening. I doubt he’ll stay a secret villain forever, so you know that reveal is coming. Though I will say that it’s probably a ways off. If we know anything from similar Marvel tales like Superior Spider-Man, it’s that the publisher likes to drag this stuff on for a while.

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