‘Captain Scarlett’ Is First Borderlands 2 DLC

No word on whether The Mysterons are included.

The first DLC chapter for Borderlands 2 has been announced.  Entitled “Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty”, it will be released on October 16th, featuring a new area on Pandora called Oasis and the pirate Queen, Captain Scarlett.

“You can sense the pirate theme across the landscape, even though there’s no water,” Gearbox President Randy Pitchford told the Asssociated Press. “It’s all dried up. It feels more like Tatooine than an ocean. These bandits have really embraced the pirate lifestyle, and there’s the legend of a treasure. That kicks off this whole adventure that the players can go on.”

There will be new enemies and a new ‘Sand Skiff’ vehicle.  Sounds like it should be interesting.  Look out for that next week.

Source: CVG

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