Carenado Pilatus PC12 roars into Microsoft Flight Simulator

Carenado Pilatus PC12 roars into Microsoft Flight Simulator

Carenado is back at it again with yet another release for Microsoft Flight Simulator — the illustrious Pilatus PC12 single-engine turboprop. This turbine-powered aircraft appeals to executives in the real-world, sought after for its jet-like performance and the efficiency of its turboprop.

The PC12 is one of the most popular single-engine turboprops in the real-world market. Based in Switzerland, its parent company, Pilatus, is well-known for making versatile, high-performance aircraft. The PC12 is no different. Hailing all the way back from the ’80s, the PC12 has advanced with the times, becoming faster, more agile, efficient and economic throughout the ages.


Turboprop drop

Much like the TBM 930, the PC12’s real-life competitor and a default aircraft in the base sim, the PC12 zips in and out of airfields both large and small. This versatility is what makes it such a common choice for executives. It can also be configured as a passenger and cargo plane, though such variants are a little less common.

With 1200 horsepower under its hood, the PC12 can blast up to 328 mph (285 knots) for its cruising speed, all at an altitude of 30,000ft. While not exactly as fast as many business jets, she certainly can outpace a standard piston-engine prop.Microsoft Flight Simulator Carenado Pilatus Pc12 3 (copy)

Carenado’s Pilatus PC12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available via the in-sim Marketplace. It’ll run you a mere $24.99 USD. So far, reception has been a toss-up. Some folks are happy for it, while others feeling it’s a little on the “cheaper” side, quality-wise.

Carenado has been producing models for Microsoft Flight Simulator and other sims for quite some time now, so it’s a relatively well-known brand in the space. Opinions still tend to differ, though, so the fact that there’s a debate with the PC12 isn’t too surprising.

SimWorkStudios, which developed the well-received Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, is also producing its own take on the Pilatus PC12, which is set to release before the year is out. So, perhaps some will wait for that one instead.

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