Carve a path of vengeance in No Place for Bravery

Carve a path of vengeance in No Place for Bravery

No Place for Bravery is a story of pain, rage, and hope. Announced today during the Geurrilla Collective showcase, No Place for Bravery is a pixelated, top-down ARPG with Nordic themes. It revolves around a rescue mission, starring a dad with a huge ax to grind. The game is slated for a PC release in 2021.

The announcement trailer that came alongside the reveal is quite the spectacle. No Place for Bravery boasts some beautiful pixelated visuals as our angry dad hero traverses through green hills, temples, and, erm, a giant, bloodied skull pierced by what appears to be a sword/bridge. However striking the art style, I’m really digging the musical score for the trailer.

Yet the visuals and audio are the foundation of what looks like a game with some tough combat. Enemies are belligerent, numerous, and some are gigantic. No Place for Bravery looks to assault you on all sides, with only a sword, shield, and your wits provided to eke out a victory. Said victories will be hard fought, and will probably require a few deaths to achieve.

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There are some hints of God of War in the game’s story. It’s a hairy dad with young boy versus monsters of Nordic mythology situation. Except, No Place for Bravery sets you on a quest to save your kidnapped daughter from places unknown. You play as Thorn, who carries his young, disabled foster son Phid on a journey to find the taken Leaf. There are also hints that Thorn, an old soldier, will be force to confront past decisions.

No Place For Bravery Announcement Trailer 3

The trials of life

No Place for Bravery is a personal story for the developers at Glitch Factory. The journey you take was inspired by real-life issues.

“Multiple members of the team had to deal with toxic relationships and absent parents,” said Matheus Queiroz, developer at Glitch Factory, in a press release. “Through the trials and tribulations of our lives, including the long road of development, we have persevered, and we hope our shared experiences will be heartfelt by the PC and Nintendo Switch communities in 2021.”

No Place For Bravery Announcement Trailer 1

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