Castle Roofs and Whetstone location guide

Castle Roofs and Whetstone location guide

After collecting enough Copper Ingots and Leather for your Castle Heart upgrade in V Rising, you’ll be asked to make an enclosed room. This is a fairly important mechanic, especially if you don’t want to get burned by sunlight while you’re crafting in your base. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you with Whetstones, the Grinder, and constructing Castle Roofs.

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V Rising guide: Where to find Whetstones and how to make Castle Roofs

Before you can build Castle Roofs in V Rising, you’ll first need a Grinder (i.e., 8x Plank, 4x Copper Ingot, and 4x Whetstone). The first two are easy enough to acquire, but you have to check specific locations for the third.

So, go ahead and open your map. You should spot a Bandit Encampment in the southern section of Farbane Woods (close to the southwest teleporter).

V Rising Castle Roof Whetstone Guide 1a

When you get to this location, you’ll see several hostiles. Those that are level 20 or higher (i.e., orange names) tend to drop the item that you need.

Kill them all so you can acquire a bunch of Whetstones in V Rising.

V Rising Castle Roof Whetstone Guide 2

After that, go back to your base, open the build menu, and check Production – Refinement for the Grinder. You’ll have to put a lot of Stones in this workbench’s panel.

Note: 12x Stone creates 1x Stone Brick and 1x Stone Dust.

Vrs Vamp Mats Wht Cst Rf 1

To make Castle Roofs in V Rising, open the build menu and check the Castle tab. You’ll want the following:

  • Castle Floor (4x Stone Brick) – You’ll need at least one to be placed on the ground.
  • Reinforced Wall (10x Stone Brick and 6x Plank) – If you’re only going for the quest completion, then you want three of these.
  • Reinforced Entrance (10x Stone Brick and 6x Plank) – You’ll only want one.

Plop down the Castle Floor square tile and surround it on three sides with Reinforced Walls. Then, put the Reinforced Entrance on the last side. Because this area is enclosed, it should automatically create a roof. Naturally, if you want your entire base to be fully fortified so you’re protected from sunlight, then you have to refine more Stone Bricks.

Note: There’s a chance that Reinforced Walls will get attached to the Wooden Pallisades that you built earlier. If this occurs, open the build menu to highlight these objects. Dismantle all of them to regain the materials and place them once more.

V Rising Castle Roof Whetstone Guide 3

V Rising is available via Steam.

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