Castlestorm smashes into Steam, adds new DLC

Launching an all-out assault on PC’s via Steam this week is Zen Studios’ medieval bash’em up Castlestorm.

If you’re not familiar, Castlestorm is a kind of mashup of side-scrolling action and tower defense. The game works surprisingly well and has plenty of that staple Zen Studios charm, who’re maybe best known for their excellent pinball titles.

Also hitting this week on both the PC and Xbox Live is the first of two planned DLC packs for the game. From Outcast to Savior brings with it a new class with the Royal Guard, new environments, an ‘unlikely new hero’, new weapons and battles, new Skirmish & Survival levels and achievements… whew- that’s a lot of ‘new’.

It won’t cost you too much either as the pack will only set you back $2.99 USD on the PC or 240 MS points on Xbox Live. And if you’d like to check out our review of the Xbox Live version of the game, give this link a click.

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