CastleStorm storming Xbox Live on May 29th

Zen Studios’ CastleStorm builds castles up, makes ’em feel good about themselves, and then smashes them to pieces.

Okay, so maybe the ‘feel good about themselves’ is artistic license, but CastleStorm is all about building and smashing massive medieval constructs over and over again. In fact, according to Zen, the whole game sprung up from childhood memories of building and then subsequently destroying LEGO castles.

Playing out on a 2D plane, CastleStorm mixes and mashes tower defense and brawlers and allows gamers to control both offense and defense in real time. You can also get a few buds rounded up and jam on some castles in multiplayer of both versus and co-op varieties.

Also, it’s by Zen Studios of Pinball FX fame. And seriously, when have they made a bad game?

CastleStorm will be available on Xbox Live on May 29th and will run you 800 MS points.

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