Catalyst Comics launching this July

Dark Horse Comics’ new Catalyst Comics series from Joe Casey will launch this Summer and give superhero comics a “back alley makeover”.

While I can’t say I like the idea of a “back alley” anything, I do like the idea behind Catalyst. It’s hard hitting stuff from the mind of Casey featuring a different kind of superhero, but still keeping the cosmic level threats and adventure that make the mask and cape crowd so much fun to read.

As for Casey, he’s mildly excited about the whole thing.

“With this book, we’re taking the kinds of creative chances that other corporate superhero series wouldn’t even think about,” said writer Joe Casey. “This thing looks great, it feels great, and it’s the kind of comic book that makes life worth living!”

In all seriousness though, Dark Horse is likewise pretty pumped for the new series. President Mike Richardson believes it may even usher in a era for heroes and villains on the printed page.

“Joe and his team have created a very unique comic, existing quite far apart from your traditional Marvel and DC titles,” said Dark Horse President Mike Richardson. “I might even venture to call it the first postmodern superhero series.”

Ready for Titan, Amazing Grace and the Agents of Change? Catalyst Comics hits stands on July 3rd.

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