Catalyst Comix (comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

Dark Horse Comics paints a picture of out of the loop heroes in their newest offering.

Catalyst Comix is a sort of team book from the looks of it. In the preview alone, we see five different heroes, each one tackling a radically different scenario. It looks as though there’s a Master Planner too who’s trying to bring at least some of them back to relevance and get something started.

That might be difficult with a group as ‘diverse’ as this one. A super-powered juggernaut who’s afraid to get hurt, two out of the game wash-ups, a mentally super-charged dynamo more interested in exploration than saving the world and a tag team caught up in a quest for fame. An interesting lot to be sure, but one that just might make for a very interesting ride.

Catalyst Comix arrives in comic shops this July from Joe Casey and Dark Horse Comics. If you’re interested in getting a copy for yourself, you can preorder now with the special ticket you see at the bottom of the preview. Drum up some support for the book and make sure you get a good Summer read- sounds like a solid idea.

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