Celebrate Spider-Man’s 50th with Cake Boss tonight

February 18, 2013
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Spider-Man is a staple of the comic book world, so what better way is there to celebrate his 50th birthday than with a super-hero-sized cake form the one and only Cake Boss?

This Monday, February 18th, at 9/8c, TLC’s hit series Cake Boss celebrates over fifty years of Spider-Man with a one of a kind super heroic cake that is nothing short of amazing!

In this special episode, Buddy, the Cake Boss himself, is summoned to Marvel Entertainment’s headquarters and takes on the ultimate super heroic challenge- create a cake worthy of Spider-Man 50th Anniversary for a special rooftop celebration brought to you by Marvel and Midtown Comics! It’s a battle of super heroes and super villains as the team struggles to complete one of their most complicated cakes ever—but just what does that mean for everyone’s favorite Friendly Neighborhood Super Hero?

With great cake must also come great responsibility! Find out just how great when Cake Boss takes on the Amazing Spider-Man tonight, Monday February 18th, at 9/8c on TLC.

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