Celebrate the 4th tomorrow with this new flex-tastic BroForce update

Hit the pyro and get out your Uncle Sam top hat, BroForce is getting another new update that infuses the Early Access title with even more Bros, more attacks, and yes, flexing.


I can’t believe this game’s still in Early Access on Steam, but developer Free Lives just keeps adding new stuff. And really, what would you rather have; a game that’s labeled ‘done’ or new free content on a pretty constant basis? Yep.

So this new update, timed to arrive with the American Independence Day celebration, is packing two new Bros (the Brocketeer and BroHeart), a set of new moves for melee battles (including roundhouse kicks, organ punches, and that classic- the chainsaw to the face), and the aforementioned flexing. Yes, now you too can stop in the heat of battle and have your Bro flex his massive pythons to his heart’s content. I’m not sure what this does for you in combat (prob’ly nuttin’), but it does look cool, so there’s that.

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You can download the update, if you already have the game, for free right now, or buy-in to one of the most purely fun titles on the PC by clicking here.

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