CEO 2021 requiring proof of vaccination or negative test results

CEO 2021 requiring proof of vaccination or negative test results

CEO organizers dropped some reassuring news for fans of fighting games today. For those that don’t know, CEO, or Community Effort Orlando, is a yearly fighting game tournament that takes place in Florida. Being one of the biggest events of its kind in the country, it attracts competitors and spectators from all over the world. So, naturally, when the event was scheduled to return this year after skipping 2020 because, well, 2020, some were understandably concerned. To assuage some of those concerns, today it was announced on CEO’s Twitter page that CEO 2021 will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result for entry.

As explained in the updated policies page on the CEO website, when the event was announced back in June the recent rollout of vaccines had things looking better. Unfortunately, Florida is one of the worst states in the country for COVID outbreaks, contributing for a large portion of cases and deaths in the country on its own. While cases have been decreasing very slightly only just recently, the numbers are still unsettlingly highly. With other events going the route of requiring vaccinations, the decision seemed appropriate for CEO as well.

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One thing to keep in mind are the reports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened businesses with fining them for providing these sorts of precautions. But, thankfully, CEO is a private event where guests are voluntarily invited to attend, and does not give a provided service. In other words, CEO can decide what is best for its attendees.

CEO 2021 vaccination

The breakdown to get in on the beatdowns

“Proof of vaccination” constitutes either your physical COVID-19 vaccination card, a copy or a photograph of it, accompanied by your ID to get your badge. If, for whatever reason, you are unvaccinated, a negative COVID test administered within 72 hours of the first day of the event, December 13, is required. This is something already needed for international travel. Attempting to forge these documents or results, as well as giving staff any grief over these requirements, will result in a swift removal from the event. Not to mention it could become a lifetime ban from CEO as well.

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Hired security will also be on staff as well to check badges and ensure everyone’s safety. Not only that, but attendees will also be given a welcome bag of a mask, hand sanitizer, and more. Personally, I think the welcome bag is a great idea. With these precautions, and CEO’s already reduced capacity, Alex Jebailey (the head of CEO) and all of the CEO staff are doing what they can to ensure people’s safety.

To top off the good news, brackets for the various tournaments will begin at noon on December 13. That’s right, no more 9 AM brackets (hallelujah!). If you have ever attended a major fighting game tournament before, you know how much of a great thing that is.

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