Cervantes cuts into Soul Calibur VI in latest trailer

He might be a shell of his former self, but the pirate Cervantes is nonetheless looking ready to fight in this new Soul Calibur VI trailer.

Cutting in, from the high seas

There aren’t too many fighting games out there that I can think of that have a pirate on the roster. There’s Soul Calibur, and… Yeah, that’s about it. With as many dirty tricks as a pirate can have in store though, that seems kind of strange.

Take Cervantes here, who makes pirates look like fine fodder for one on one combat. The sea dog wields two blades, one of which stores a pistol.

Cervantes is a bad man in every sense of the term. Wielding dual swords – Acheron which he plundered from its former owner, and Nirvana, a dagger whose hilt houses a pistol – Cervantes is simply deadly with these blades, especially when he rushes opponents, knocks them down, or launches them in the air in order to deal hard-hitting combos for maximum destruction and pain.

As for his part in the story of Soul Calibur, it’s far from a happy one. Cervantes is bound to the cursed sword called the Soul Edge, and is compelled to search after it – forever. Sounds like something that came right out of Pirates of the Caribbean, only Soul Calibur’s resident scalawag has been around longer than that series of films.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait all that long to get your hands on Soul Calibur VI. The game is set to arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October the 19th.

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