Changing Tides sets sail for an early March release date

Changing Tides sets sail for an early March release date

Okomotive and publisher Frontier Developments are just about ready to let the atmospheric discovery game FAR: Changing Tides loose onto the world. Shown off last year in June, Changing Tides dives deeper into the world imagined by FAR: Lone Sails. Of course, the adventure isn’t quite the same. New challenges and dangers await when FAR: Changing Tides hits its release date of March 1.

The big change between the two games revolves around how you traverse the environment. Lone Sails saw you on a solo adventure while piloting a massive ground vehicle. You needed to keep the metal beast running, completing environmental puzzles to continue on the journey. FAR: Changing Tides, however, puts you out on a large ship traversing the ocean.


Some gameplay elements remain the same. Like the vehicle before it, the ship is a clunky monstrosity that requires plenty of TLC to keep it chugging along. There will still be light puzzles to solve, and a world of mystery to uncover. However, as you’re sailing on water, getting off the ship to explore takes a different approach. You can explore the underwater ruins of a sunken civilization, for starters. And you don’t even have to be as gruff as Kevin Costner to pull it off.

A relaxing journey on the open ocean

One thing between the two games remains the same: the meditative experience. There will no doubt be some anxiety, but FAR: Changing Tides isn’t going to make you sweat too much. Okomotive is promising a more calming venture, and even released an hour-long ‘Soundwaves’ video featuring the game’s music and audio. I listened to some of it while writing this article and, yeah, it’s pretty chill. With the world the way it is, I think we can also use a bit more chill. Hell, even the creative team seems to think so, calling its first Soundwaves video something for people “to relax and help ease into 2022.”

FAR: Changing Tides has a release date for March 1. It’ll arrive on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Windows Store (yes, that means it’s heading to PC Game Pass).

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