Chaos enters the Blood Bowl II arena in this new trailer

Note to Blood Bowl II players, Chaos doesn’t appear to play ‘nice’.

So a few interesting things here. For starters, Chaos is looking like a monster of a team… no pun intended. The squad is varied in its makeup and stars a bunch of evil-mutated creeps, especially that Minotaur with the tentacles. That thing’s just all kinds of wrong. Also pretty cool is that you can bribe the goblin referee to make a penalty go away. I think that’s gotta be the first time we’ve seen something like that in a football game of any kind.

And, although the Chaos squad isn’t the fastest and most agile team out there (tentacles notwithstanding), they have a pretty big advantage in that they have access to mutations. Mutations visually modify your players, but they also add enhancements and can increase the team’s capability for destruction in some big ways.

Lots to like here with this one, especially for fans of the tabletop game as it certainly looks like a pretty faithful translation. Blood Bowl II lands on the PC

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