Check out a lot more on the story behind that new Mad Max game

This new trailer for Mad Max: Savage Road look somewhat familiar, but still pretty cool… in a savage kind of way.

I’m seeing a lot of similarities between the upcoming game from Warner Bros and Mad Max: Fury Road, which is in theaters now. Since the movie is (quite honestly) incredibly good, I don’t have much of a problem with that though.

Max’ car gets hijacked and chopped up in both the movie and the game, which have separate stories mind you, and the bad guys are ‘war boys’ (the same group as in the movie). It’s kind of looking like the only really big differences (aside from the main bad guy) is that there’s no Furiosa in the game, and that Max is left for dead here, instead of used as a blood bag. I’m still not really complaining though, as there’s a lot of cool stuff that looks to be happening in the game.

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First and foremost of that is the fact that you get to build and use a crazy post-apocalyptic car, which is a huge draw for fans of the franchise, which hasn’t seen a video game since the NES days. That seems odd with the pre-occupation that the industry has had with end of the world type games over the years, but it’s true nonetheless.

We’ll have plenty more on this one between now and the game’s release on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One this coming September.

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