Check out almost a half an hour of Dragon Commander footage

June 28, 2013
News, PC


Larian Studios’ Divinity spinoff Dragon Commander is humming along nicely towards release. Now the developer has released a special extended look at the game’s blend of RPG and strategy gameplay. 27 minutes worth.

I really like the mix of play styles and the multi-staged way that you attack each map. I don’t think I can recall another game that takes this deep a tract. Dragon Commander even goes one step further by allowing you to take Dragon form and wreak some havoc via direct control out on the field of battle.

It’s certainly very different than your usual Divinity game, but it looks like a breath of fresh air so far. And honestly; dragons with jetpacks. Do you really need to hear any more than that?

Divinity: Dragon Commander swoops onto the PC on August 6th.

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