Check out DST’s 8th wave of Walgreens-exclusive Marvel Minimates

Wave 8 of the Walgreens Marvel Minimate series is a winner and a half, with some super-cool, not often seen heroes and villains.


Yes folks, MODOK is in this new wave. And that should be enough to get you interested. I mean, he’s a giant robotic (?) head with lil’ tiny legs. And he’s really nasty. Come on.

But… just in case you need further proof that this is a great wave, here’s the whole thing in detail:

  • From Marvel’s Spider-Man, Stealth Suit Spider-Man takes on Screwball! The Internet personality with a mean streak is ready to humiliate Spider-Man in front of millions so Peter Parker has donned his all-black stealth suit to stay below her radar. Spider-Man includes a webline accessory and leaping support stand, while Screwball has her pouch full of gear. This is the first Minimate of Screwball!
  • Also from Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, a.k.a. Gwen Stacy, tangles with the Jackal! The web-slinger comes with a webline accessory and leaping support stand, while her uncle, Professor Miles Warren, makes his debut in the Marvel Minimates format!
  • From Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars, The Wasp is menaced by MODOK! The size-changing heroine includes a removable helmet, detachable wing accessories and a transparent flight stand, while the super-smart, super-sized AIM leader floats on a support stand.
  • Also from Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Warsthe Black Panther strikes at the evil Madame Masque! The warrior from Wakanda must defeat the beautiful criminal from Iron Man’s past. Black Panther includes a removable mask, while Madame Masque includes an interchangeable unmasked head and hair piece. This is the first Madame Masque MInimate ever made!

None too shabby right there. You’ll be waiting a little while for this one though, as it’s not slated to arrive in store till April of 2018. Though I should mention that there are plenty of Marvel Minimates for you to add to your collection right now.

In Walgreens stores as of this month, is wave 7 of the exclusive mini-figures.

That one’s no slouch either, as it boasts two-packs featuring:

  • Spider-Man and Scorpion
  • Kid Arachnid and Vulture
  • Captain Marvel with Red Hulk
  • Captain America’s Hulkbuster with Baron Zemo

On top of those are the Thor Ragnarok ‘Mates (Thor, Loki, Grandmaster and Skurge), and the DC Vinimates, all of which is in stores currently. So there’s more than enough to add to your wish list.

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