Check out nearly 15mins of Wang footage in this new Shadow Warrior 2 featurette

I’m sort of running out of interesting and funny ways of adding the word ‘Wang’ to coverage of Shadow Warrior 2 already, and the game was just announced. Anyway, the game looks great, so make with the clicking and have a look.

From E3, the above is all gameplay,  gloriously bloody gameplay featuring Lo Wang (series hero) and his buddies taking on hordes of baddies and, well, cutting them into little tiny pieces. As you can see, the new Road Hog 2 engine from developer Flying Wild Hog is pretty nice, with some awesome effects and lighting all around.

And also as you can tell, Wang has plenty of his trademark attitude in tow for the adventure- along with those biddies I mentioned, as SW2 has a pretty heavy emphasis on co-op play. No release date as of yet for this one, but Shadow Warrior 2 is looking pretty great, so we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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