Check the time, DC’s Doomsday Clock is here

DC All Access talks with the publisher’s Geoff Johns about the Doomsday Clock mega-event that links the DCU to the Watchmen universe.

The end is nigh

Is the DCU as we know it coming to an end? Probably not, but that doesn’t change the impact of Doomsday Clock any. The massive event book is a first for the company, as it melds the DCU (and it’s multiverse) with the Watchmen universe.

Penned by Alan Moore, Watchmen was a runaway hit that has become legendary in the comic book world. The book took a cynical approach to superheroes, and showed a dark and gritty world that many readers hadn’t seen before.

Aside from the Zach Snyder-made film, and a set of prequel comics that debuted a few years ago though, that’s been it from Watchmen. But as of “The Button”, that all changed. It appears that the DC Universe’s recent series of time-shifts, anomalies, and reboots has been orchestrated. A master plan, so to speak, that has rolled straight out of Watchmen- and Doctor Manhattan.

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Of course, he’s not the only character that’ll be appearing here (that’s gotta be Ozmandias’ hand, right?). But the Doc certainly is the biggest and most menacing. He’s heading on a collision course with the Man of Steel too. And it seems as though Superman just might have the fate of the DCU on his shoulders. Not that that’s anything new for him.

Issue #1 of the landmark book is out as of today and, as mentioned, DC All Access had a chat with Geoff Johns all about it. Have a listen, and then go grab a copy of the comic at your local comics shop.

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