Children of Silentown gets a release date and creepy trailer

Children of Silentown gets a release date and creepy trailer

Back in 2021, developers Elf Games and Luna2 Studio announced that their unsettling, atmospheric point-and-click adventure game Children of Silentown would see a release in early 2022. Of course, now that 2022 has almost come to an end and Children of Silentown has still not yet fully dropped, it seems safe to say that the developers still had quite a bit more work to do on the game by the time those early months rolled around. Fortunately, the developers confirmed last month that they essentially completed work on the PC version of Children of Silentown — barring a few minor details. And just today, they revealed that players can get their hands on the game as soon as January.

This release date announcement came with a new trailer that showcased more of the game’s melancholic, strange atmosphere. The eerie visual style and the characters’ large, vacant eyes remain just as unsettling as ever, and the scenes shown in the trailer allude to a story full of suspense and drama. If you wanted to see more gameplay footage, though, you will have to look elsewhere for that.

What do you do in Children of Silentown?

According to Children of Silentown‘s Steam page, players progress through the game by looking for hints in the titular Silentown and making sense of the world’s various puzzles. Along the way, you can talk to a variety of quirky NPCs and even engage in a few minigames with them. Additionally, you will have to take advantage of the protagonist’s singing voice to aid her “in times of need.”

Notably, the free prologue that the developers released in 2020 has surpassed 1,000 user reviews on Steam, and they resulted in an overall rating of “overwhelmingly positive.” This should bode well for when the entirety of Children of Silentown meets its 2023 release date. Hopefully, the full experience will live up to the the promise of the prologue.

Children of Silentown has a release date scheduled for January 11, 2023.

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