Chronicles Pack out now for Metro: Last Light

The last piece of downloadable content for 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light might also be the best- ready to head back into the Metro?

Three original single-player missions make up the Chronicles pack for Metro: Last Light, all of which feature playable versions of some of the biggest supporting characters from the campaign. You’ll play as the traitorous Pavel, the mysterious Khan & Ulman, and of course- Anna.

Not sequels or post-scripts (which couldn’t happen in some cases) these add-on missions explore what each of these characters were doing as main character Artyom was forging his way through the Metro in the main game’s single-player campaign. All of the characters featured are interesting enough to hold a game unto themselves, so it’s a great idea to let players slip into their boots, while at the same time expanding the story of the Metro universe. 4A and publisher Deep Silver promise that this is a supernaturally tinged pack, so it’s especially apropos for this time of year.

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If you have the Season Pass, then you already have the Chronicles Pack- if you don’t, it’s available right now for $4.99 USD on Xbox Live, the PSN and the PC. To check out what we thought of Last Light itself, click here.

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