Cities XL Platinum has rhythm… if you wanna call it that

Cities XL Platinum will be celebrating the missteps of that other city building game with some dub step and a pretty beefy sale. …Yeah, you read that right. Dub step.

The new buildings available exclusively in Cities XL Platinum bring the number of available buildings to over 1000, giving you incredible opportunities for city construction, on a scale never before seen in a City Builder. Recreate some of the biggest cities in the world, such as New York, Paris, Hong Kong or Rio de Janeiro, thanks to some of their most emblematic buildings and monuments! With over 60 huge maps, you will face many challenges at the heart of incredibly detailed landscapes. Hilly terrain, difficult access to some natural resources, constructible areas… there are many, fascinating challenges that await all virtual mayors!

Okay… so that’s the dub step. Now for the sale- Cities XL Platinum will actually be having a two staged sale this week on Steam. Stage one is a straight-up 33% off the ticket price. Stage two is even more impressive- if you’re an owner of either Cities XL 2011 or 2012 (and the chances of that are pretty good since the series boasts over a million players total), then you can tack on an additional 52% off for a grand total of 85% off the ticket price. Now that’s big.

You can check Focus Home Interactive’s newest city builder (or grab it for yourself) by clicking here.

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