City Bus Manager will players on a route-planning journey later this year

City Bus Manager will players on a route-planning journey later this year

Aerosoft revealed the new City Bus Manager alongside a few other new simulation titles (such as SubwaySim) during its NextSim 22 presentation. With City Bus Manager the goal is to create a new set of bus routes, outfitting them with new buses, proper maintenance, and happy staff.

City Bus Manager features home towns and famous cities from all over the globe, minus China. Its maps are based on data provided by OpenStreetMap, including featuring Points of Interests. Further adding to its complexity, the sim will also feature passenger simulation and bus route travel time using real data. This will allow players to faithfully recreate existing bus lines from their own real-life city, or put a new spin on things with an original network of their own.


Bustin’ bus time schedules

The list of duties doesn’t just stop at constructing the lines, however. Infrastructure must also be set up by the player. This includes building garages, warehouses, maintenance facilities, parking slots and more. Staff will also expect amenities like food services and rest areas. So, the “management” in City Bus Manager really does stem to the entire network — not just the buses themselves.

Customers will be keeping tabs on your operations and will leave their feedback accordingly if things exceed or fall below their expectations.

That said, the buses need to be maintained with overhauls and repairs. Staff members can be hired to take care of these necessary duties, including washing. The in-game lineup of buses includes 20 models, all of which are slightly altered versions of real-world buses from manufacturers like Volvo, MAN and Mercedes-Benz. The range of buses to choose from start from small city buses to tall double-deckers and even segmented buses.

City Bus Manager takes to the streets in late 2022.

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