Claim your free Fortnite throwback pickaxe & get the original default skins

Claim your free Fortnite throwback pickaxe & get the original default skins

If you are an original Fortnite fan, you will recall running around with a default skin and pickaxe. Since then, Fortnite has come a long way in terms of cosmetics styles and bundles. Now, Epic Games are giving you a chance to relive these memories by giving away the Fortnite throwback pickaxe for free. Although you can collect the throwback pickaxe on PC, Epic Games are reintroducing it to celebrate the release of next generation consoles.

An Epic Games blog post outlines that you can claim the original pickaxe until January 15, 2021, so you have plenty of time. In addition, it has been confirmed that the original default skins will make a return.

Speaking more on the throwback pickaxe, it is available for players on all platforms. Claiming it is simple, and all you have to do is visit the in-game item shop to redeem it. The price of the item will be set to free, so you are not using any V-bucks when you complete your purchase. Then, you will see your brand new cosmetic when you visit your locker.

Fortnite is becoming even more nostalgic

If the Fortnite throwback pickaxe was not enough, Epic Games are bringing back the original Fortnite default skins. The skins will have the original color variants from Season 0. These color variants have proved to be quite rare, as they were only available in the first ever season. Unlike the pickaxe, however, players will have to purchase these skins in the item store. Previously, calling a player a default was considered as an insult. Instead, players seem to be looking forward to playing as an original default.

So far, Epic Games has released a lot of details regarding how the game will change on next generation consoles. PC players are in the dark though, and it is unknown if the game will undergo any changes on the platform. At least for now though, you can grab your Fortnite throwback pickaxe and jump into the action!

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