Cliffy B wants to ‘fix’ Resident Evil

The former Gears of War designer and Epic Games bigshot Tweets an offer at Resident Evil creators Capcom.

If you’ve been following Cliff Bleszinski’s exploits over the last few weeks, then you know that he recently left a two decade stint at Epic Games with no apparent destination. Keep that in mind.

Tweeted from Cliffy B’s Twitter account just over the weekend was this short and sweet message:  “Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-)”  It’s unclear just how serious Bleszinski was with the message, but it certainly would be an interesting proposition.

Of course, it’s also a pretty big question mark as to how interested Capcom would be. The company has been touting the number of copies that RE6 (the latest entry in the series) has shipped to stores as the most copies of a game the publisher has ever delivered to retail for a launch- 4.5 million copies. The game didn’t exactly set the critical world on fire or score big with longtime series fans though, which is probably what Bleszinski was referring to with his ‘fix’ comment.

Should be interesting to see just how this one plays out. As a fan of both Resident Evil and Cliffy B’s Gears of War, I can tell you I’d personally love to see what could be created from a collaboration between the two industry giants.

Source: gamesindustry International

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