Comedic sleuthing game Frog Detective 3 to release later this month

Frog Detective 3 release cactus tracks

By the end of October, players will see quite a few new releases, many of which fittingly adopt some kind of horror theme. But say you haven’t gotten into the Halloween spirit this year or simply don’t like horror games in general. What new releases can you look forward to by the end of the month? Well, fret not, because developers Grace Bruxner and Thomas Bowker will release their newest detective game, dubbed Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County, on October 27.

As the name suggests, Frog Detective 3 serves as the latest in the Frog Detective series of comedic mystery adventures, which started with The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game in 2018. The Steam pages for both of the prior Frog Detective installments note that they only take around an hour to finish each, with their $4.99 USD price tags reflecting that length.


Despite this, the series’ charm ultimately won most players over, at least on Steam, where both titles received an “overwhelmingly positive” user rating. Interestingly, whereas the first two installments had a one-year gap between their releases, the gap between Frog Detective 3 and its predecessor lasted for almost three years.

Hopping over to the Wild West

As for the threequel itself, Frog Detective 3 sees our amphibian protagonist traveling to a lawless county with experienced crime sleuth Lobster Cop to tackle a mystery that seems straightforward at first. However, it doesn’t take long for the true complexities of the case to start revealing themselves. Using his honed interviewing skills and his trusty scooter, The Detective aims to uncover the truth behind this troubling scheme.

Although the developers have not yet revealed the price for Frog Detective 3it seems likely that it will have a similarly low cost as its predecessors upon its release. Alternatively, players can simply use Game Pass, as a bundle of all three installments called Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery will also come to the service on October 27.

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