Comics great Chris Claremont returns to Marvel for Gambit mini-series

Comics great Chris Claremont returns to Marvel for Gambit mini-series

A comics legend and classic “X-Men” name, Chris Claremont is returning to Marvel again, this time for a Gambit mini-series, set in the X-Man’s past.


Gambit is a mainstay with the X-Men now, popping in and out of the team’s books for decades. But of course that wasn’t always the case, since he made his first appearance back in 1990.

The kinetically-charged mutant was co-created by one Chris Claremont, and it was he who set him on his first adventure. If you don’t remember what that was, it co-starred a (at the time) de-aged Storm and was set in the American south.

And if you guessed that that was exactly where this new mini-series is heading, you’re on point. Claremont is taking things back to the past for this new 5 part series, for a deeper look at what was a pivotal time for both heroes.

The series will unearth a wide range of previously untold adventures, from a brush with the Shadow King to an array of earthbound and out of this world escapades, that gives Claremont a chance to further explore Gambit’s path to becoming a heroic X-Man as well as reveal new insights into another trademark character of his, Storm, at a pivotal moment in her history. Get your first look at this story of action, intrigue and revenge in new interior artwork and variant covers by all-star artists Salvador Larroca, Peach Momoko, Scott Williams, and InHyuk Lee!

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Gambit #1 (of 5) charges onto stands this July 27th.

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