Coming up: The games of April 2020

Well, what can you say about this coming month. It’s probably not going to be great in a lot of ways. So let’s just focus on the games set for launch.

Springtime gaming

While we’ve all got a lot on our minds these days that have nothing to do with gaming (or anything fun for that matter), it’s good to take your minds off of world events sometimes. Of course, that includes video games, and there are a few solid releases on the way.

Maybe the biggest game of the month is easily Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 3. That title already saw release on Friday, so it’s out now. But there’s a few more gems, and quite a few more titles in general on the way. Those include the incredibly long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake, and Gears Tactics.

Here’s what’s on the way:


  • Disaster Report 4 – PS4, Switch


  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – PS4


  • Save Your Nuts – Xbox One, PC, Switch


  • Predator: Hunting Ground – PS4
  • Trials of Mana – Switch


  • MotoGP 20 – PS4, Xbox One


  • Gears Tactics – PC
  • Sakura Wars – PS4

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