Complete Edition is free next week on the Epic Games Store

Complete Edition is free next week on the Epic Games Store

As Halloween crawls closer, the games on the Epic Games Store are getting spookier as the one-stop-shop for free weekly games cashes in on the spooky season. We already got the comical brain-eating adventure of Stubbs the Zombie, and the dreamy nightmare, Among the Sleep. Now the Epic Games Store is closing out the scariest month with another horrifying puzzle game, DARQ: The Complete Edition. If you ever wanted to live inside a lucid dream, you’d better hope it isn’t a nightmare. That’s exactly the situation the protagonist Lloyd faces, as he must struggle through his lucid nightmare without the ability to wake up.

DARQ: The Complete Edition follows Lloyd as he navigates his nightmarish dream, manipulating the dream world to solve puzzles and the fabric of his world. Aside from those hazy puzzles, Lloyd must also carefully stealth past any creatures he encounters. After all, you wouldn’t dare tackle your greatest fears head-on without any chance of winning. Rely on careful planning to avoid detection as you solve different puzzles and aim for the ultimate goal: waking up!


A scary dream

Rather than focus on gore or violence, DARQ aims to tap into your psyche with an overload of psychological horror. With unique, detailed environments and sound design by the expert Bjørn Jacobse (who previously worked on Cyberpunk 2077 and Hitman), there’s plenty of tricks in this dream to creep you out. The puzzles take advantage of things you’d want to do in your sleep as well: walk on walls and ceilings, find secret rooms, etc.

DARQ: The Complete Edition will be free next week on the Epic Games Store, from October 28 until November 4. Meanwhile, if you want another spooky game to try out, Among the Sleep is available to download for free this week. You have until October 28 to claim it, so don’t hesitate. Unless you’re scared.

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