Congress of Humankind laws and international crisis guide

Congress of Humankind laws and international crisis guide

Humankind Together We Rule Congress Of Humankind Guide

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Humankind: Together We Rule aims to make you feel that you’re part of a community of nations. As you progress, you’ll be able to try a mechanic where the remaining empires vote on a global scale. Here’s our Humankind: Together We Rule guide to help you with the laws, doctrines, and international crisis functions of the Congress of Humankind.

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Humankind: Together We Rule – Congress of Humankind guide

The Congress of Humankind mechanic is unlocked once you’ve reached the Industrial Era in Humankind: Together We Rule. All player and AI-controlled empires will have access to a panel that helps you determine how to move forward as a people.


Propose a civic that you’ve already discovered. Everyone will vote on their stance, and the result of which will be passed into law among the empires. You may also bribe others using Leverage.


This is somewhat akin to the civics alignment chart in that there are four categories, each with two clashing ideologies:

  • Economic – Individualism versus Collectivism
  • Geopolitical – Homeland versus World
  • Order – Liberty versus Authority
  • Social – Tradition versus Progress

In your own civics alignment, the effects come from your decisions and will only affect your nation. For the Congress doctrines, though, the results are dependent on how each empire has charted its own course throughout the game (i.e., more empires preferred Homeland instead of World). Depending on how far a segment is along an axis, all empires will gain the effect, whether or not they’re following that ideology, to begin with.

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International Crisis

Last but not least, the Congress of Humankind is able to participate during an international crisis. For instance, if you press your demands, you have the option to put it to a vote. If it passes, the target will have to accede, or war will be declared. Similar to laws, you have the option of bribing other nations to sway them to your side.

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Humankind: Together We Rule is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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