Control — Best Mirror skills and traits guide

Control — Best Mirror skills and traits guide

There are several perks that you can unlock while playing as Pagan Min. Perhaps the biggest downside is that, assuming you’ve played Vaas: Insanity, too many of the unlockables are similar. It leads to a situation where your rogue-lite romp lacks a lot of variety. In any case, here’s our Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC guide to help you with the best Mirror skills and traits that you can obtain.

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Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control – Best Mirror skills and traits to unlock

The Mirror skills in Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control are divided into five categories. Each perk in the column needs to be unlocked in order, and the Respect costs get higher the further you go along. Likewise, please be reminded that all unlocked traits are retained in subsequent playthroughs regardless of deaths or Mind Levels.

Note: You can farm Respect currency by replaying the Contemporary Art Statue Trials and selling the Still Standing power.


  • 2x Healing Syringes – You’ll only need this upgrade, so you can ignore the rest. This perk is free and should be picked up at the start of your run. It’s also worth noting that Pagan Min will only passively replenish up to two Healing Syringes regardless of how many you’ve added/unlocked using other perks or powers.
  • Increase health slightly.
  • Increase health.
  • Increase health moderately.
  • Increase health significantly.
  • Increase health greatly.


  • Keep up to 500 Respect after dying – It’s unlikely that you’ll need all of the perks here. If you’re playing careful, or if you’re using the Respect currency often for upgrades, then you’ll barely bother with these.
  • Keep 1,000 Respect after dying.
  • Keep up to 3,000 Respect after dying.
  • Keep up to 6,000 Respect after dying.
  • Visit the last place you died to retrieve your full inventory.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Best Mirror Skills Perks Traits 1


  • Add +2 Healing Syringe capacity.
  • Gain access to the Wingsuit, Parachute, and Grapple – These are all very useful for exploration. But, you want to be careful when using the Wingsuit. You don’t want to bump into obstacles or trees since Pagan could die instantly.
  • Move faster while crouched – To be frank, you’ll probably only want to unlock the column’s upgrades up to this point.
  • Gain access to the Camera, showing the silhouettes of tagged enemies while behind cover.
  • Add +2 Healing Syringe capacity.
  • Quads (buggies) appear in safe areas.
  • Add +2 Healing Syringe capacity.


The Envy perks unlock more gadget slots. I would suggest only unlocking up to slot #3. Slot #1 is cheap and slot #2 adds throwable explosives like Frag Grenades. Slot #3, meanwhile, lets you choose bombs that can be planted on the ground (i.e., Claymore Mines and Proximity Explosives). You can then open the Armory/weapon panel to reroll and refill the gadget slots.

Pagan’s Wrath

  • Killing an enemy with a headshot tags additional enemies.
  • Improves reload speed after headshot kills.
  • Silenced weapon kills tag nearby enemies.
  • Tagged enemies drop more currency.
  • Headshot kills replenish a fraction of your health.
  • Deal extra damage to tagged enemies.

This column is the only one with perks that are significantly different compared to Vaas’. The focus here is on getting headshot and silenced weapon kills, subsequently triggering the tagging mechanic. This will let you spot hostiles in the vicinity, including those that are behind cover. Think of it as your own personal wallhack. For this section, I would suggest getting up to perk #3 (silenced weapon kills) and then considering the rest once you’ve amassed more Respect currency.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Best Mirror Skills Perks Traits 2

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