Cracking some demon skulls

The Raging Demon has found himself in the fiery pits of Makai in Udon’s latest Street Fighter one shot. Looks like Akuma is taking on hell itself.

Cracking some demon skulls

I haven’t been keeping up with Udon’s Capcom universe, but it sounds freaking awesome. Apparently Street Fighter’s Akuma has recently met up with the Darkstalkers, and he’s none the worse for wear.

After his encounter with the chilling Darkstalkers, Akuma chose to remain in the hellish Makai dimension to take his training to terrifying new levels. Alone in a demonic landscape, Akuma battles unearthly creatures, giant monstrosities, and an undead ghost from his past! 

Udon press release

The new book, officially Street Fighter: Akuma vs Hell #1, is a one shot. It’s the latest in a series of 5 such books from the publisher, each one focusing on a different angle of Street Fighter lore.

Since we’re talking Udon here too, you bet that there’s a nice selection of covers to go along with this comic. A total of 4 will be on the racks, including the exclusive “Midnight Bliss Akuma” by Aki Li.

Street Fighter: Akuma vs Hell #1 is expected to hit stands on July 31st.

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